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The Soda Keeper is a patented yet simple, non-intrusive invention that keeps the carbonation in Two Liter Soda bottles longer.  It's perfect for the refrigerator, and as you can see, it adds NO-Additional height to the bottles.  That means all of your bottles will still fit where they used to ...they just won't go flat like they used to!

Soda Keeper on a Refrigerator ShelfDirections Included on Soda KeepersSoda Keeper in a Refrigerator Door

You can become a distributor right now and start earning tons of money distributing the Soda Keeper to clients!  We offer volume discounts to our distributors and we can drop-ship them anywhere in the US for FREE.  To order Soda Keepers please click on order link below. Include your your name, address, phone number, and number of boxes you want. We will soon be accepting secure credit card orders online! If you or your clients have Camera-Ready Artwork, such as a Company Name or Logo, they can be silk screened directly onto your Soda Keepers for a One-Time setup fee of $75.

Soda Keeper Display Stack ExampleDistributor Special Volume Discount Price List

Each Box contains 84 SodaKeepers

1 Box = $100 -- FREE Shipping In the U.S.

2 - 5 Boxes = $96 each -- FREE Shipping In the U.S.

6 - 10 Boxes = $90 each -- FREE Shipping In the U.S.

11 - 20 Boxes = $83 each -- FREE Shipping In the U.S.

21 - 40 Boxes = $75 each -- FREE Shipping In the U.S.

Over 40 Boxes = Negotiated -- FREE Shipping In the U.S.

Comparison Graph Included on Soda Keepers


As you can see, the Soda Keeper will stack nicely on store shelves or "End Displays."  Each new Soda Keeper advertises itself as the one on top is removed.

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